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Starbucks On the Go

The branded experience that fits in and stands out.

The Starbucks® On the Go kiosk is a convenient self-serve experience that offers premium espresso with fresh dairy, and requires minimal operational effort.

Customize your Starbucks® On the Go Kiosk

Start with the Thermoplan Black & White 3 CTMC espresso machine. If you’d also like to offer brewed coffee, simply add the Serenade™ Single-Cup Brewer or airpots (brewer required). You can also add a customer payment feature.

  • Option 1

    Espresso Only

    Option 1: Espresso Only
    Black & White 3 CTMC
    • Espresso
    • Latte
    • Cappuccino
    • Mocha
    • Hot Chocolate
  • Option 2

    Espresso + Single-Cup
    Brewed Coffee

    Option 2: Espresso + Single-Cup Brewed Coffee
    + Serenade™
    Single-Cup Brewer
    • Fresh-Brewed Coffee
    • Chai Latte
    • Iced Coffee (access to ice is needed)
  • Option 3

    Espresso + Brewed

    Option 3: Espresso + Brewed Coffee
    + airpots
    (brewer required, not shown)
    • Serve A Variety Of Starbucks® Brewed Coffees
Brewed Cup

Make your customers’ day.

Let your customers help themselves to their favorite Starbucks® beverage, and watch your business become a delightful part of their daily routine.

To learn more about the Starbucks® On the Go Kiosk including how to operate, register now or sign in.

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